Run the entire trail from Selånger to Trondheim.

St. Olav race is a 580 kilometer long race from coast to coast along the St.Olavsleden trail. An idea is to start to go in Selånger few days before the race starts in Östersund. Sounds great right?

Let´s go trail running!

Sara Rönne lives in Åre and she is a Swedish blogger who runs the blog “Träningsglädje/Happiness of exercise”. A while back she ran parts of the St Olav trail; “I went for a trail run after work. A long one. 30 kilometers on the mountain across the border to Norway. It was both hard work and I was overjoyed”. Read the full story here.

St.Olavsloppet – a running competition along the trail

If you’d like to participate in a running race along the trail, try the St. Olavsloppet race. The St. Olavsloppet race was established in 1988 and is a 340 km long road relay race between Östersund and Trondheim. The starting point alternates between the cities every year and the competition takes place at the end of June. The St. Olavsloppet race is a fitness challenge for many, or an opportunity for group bonding for companies, villages, associations, institutions and organisations. The race follows the St. Olavsleden trail through Stiklestad, Sandvika, Åre and Alsen.

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Hiking test: 63.082016, 13.855629

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This is a digital, clickable and ‘zoomable’ map, including accommodation. Click on each icon and find out more what that accommodation offers. You can also download the map and a list of accomodations along the St.Olavsleden trail: