St. Olavsleden on horseback from Sweden to Norway

Along the hiking trail St. Olavsleden there are a lot of fantastic riding paths. It is possible to ride the entire distance, and lodging and food are available for both rider and horse along the way.

If you want a trail that is easy to ride, with varying landscapes and historical perspectives, then St. Olavsleden is perfect! Just as with hiking or cycling the rider gets an Olav letter as a certificate of the achievement for the last 200 kilometers before Trondheim. Accomodations are presented in the digital map below.

Package deal: Horse back riding from Bräcke to Östersund.

Horse back riding is a pleasant way to experience the St. Olavsleden trail a little faster. Join us for a 4 day long tour (5 stay overs) with your own horse. The tour is lead by two guides with long experience of tourism and long trips on horseback and with carriages. The journey goes in varied terrain, through woods, agricultural ground and village, and on the last day we ride to the center of Östersund city. Find out more about this guided tour by horse.

Package deal: Horse back riding in mountain terrain

Join us for a 3 day long tour (4 stay overs) with your own horse. The tour is lead by two guides with long experience of tourism and long trips on horseback and with carriages. Bring your horse and experience a unique journey along a path filled with history and magnificent nature. The boarder mountains are incredibly relaxing to look at while on horseback, you will definitely be amazed by the calming scenery. Find out more about this guided tour along St.Olavsleden.

Stay at wonderful Sörbygården with your horse.

One of the entrepreneurs that offer both food, lodging and paddocks is Sörbygården in Grytan, a little more than 10 km south of Östersund. “With St. Olavsleden I see great opportunities to develop my concept for both rider and horse. I run a horse farm with bed & breakfast and conference capacity. In the future I want to be able to offer a pilgrim package for both riders, cyclists and hikers. I also believe that I can develop my conference package with experiences along the trail, says Ann-Sofi Känngård, Sörbygården.”

Farrier along the trail

It is important that both horse and rider is properly equipped. If a shoe comes loose from a hoof, it is good to know where you can find new shoes and someone with the right tools to fix them. You will find farriers along the St. Olavsleden under Stages.

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Sundsvalls ridklubb: 62.412787, 17.198077
Liljedalens häst & logi: 62.372238, 16.850786
Lindberga gård: 62.425922, 16.461094
Tälje lantgårdshotell: 62.556061, 15.858167
Revsunds prästgård: 62.899311, 15.128687
Sörbygården Bed & Breakfast: 63.096741, 14.791396
Jamtli Vandrarhem: 63.187501, 14.636643
Ljungaverk, Storholmen: 62.489499, 16.071809
Rastplats Lombäcken: 62.583333, 15.683333
Alsen, Wången: 63.386584, 13.952214
Vuku, Østnes Camping: 63.773518, 11.730259
Søndre Vikhammer pilegrimsherberge: 63.433521, 10.619719
Undersåker, Åre Fjällsätra: 63.317222, 13.237021
Munkeby, Munkeby herberge: 63.723962, 11.383520
Stjørdal, Ersgard: 63.449533, 11.007110
Vikhammer Motell & Camping: 63.440529, 10.638094
Winklers hovvård: 62.444704, 16.440615
Mälgåsens stuga: 62.850800, 15.319330
Forsa Fjälljordbruk: 63.393000, 12.900000
Stiklestadgarden: 63.799572, 11.591781
Troset Drift: 63.630615, 11.323368
Silje: 63.241460, 14.432760
Stiklestad Islandshest Gård: 63.799569, 11.591773
Hällsluten 147: 62.707130, 15.595320
Kustvägen 6: 63.336860, 14.209520
Hållstakvarn: 62.993410, 14.972480
Skalstugan 227: 63.579150, 12.270700

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This is a digital, clickable and ‘zoomable’ map, including accommodation. Click on each icon and find out more what that accommodation offers. You can also download the map and a list of accomodations along the St.Olavsleden trail:




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