Beautiful St. Olavsleden is Scandinavia’s answer to El Camino. Plan the walk of a lifetime, be inspired by nature, culture and meetings with fellow walkers. You can find peace and inner tranquillity on the ancient paths. Walk on your own, with guide or with a friend, it is all up to you.

It takes about four weeks to walk the entire trail – from Selånger to Trondheim – depending on your pace and type of hiking. Some pilgrims just walk certain parts of the trail; others walk and take the train, or combine walking and cycling. It is all up to you! Further down on this page you can see a digital, clickable and ‘zoomable’ map, including accommodation. You can also download the map and a list of accomodations along the St.Olavsleden trail.

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“Hiking along the St.Olavsleden trail” is an open group where your posts can be seen by all Facebook users. This group is for anyone interested in St. Olavsleden, for those who would like to share their experiences and pictures, or for hikers that would like to plan a trip, ask questions and get advise from others etc. In this group we can inspire and support each other. Post in whatever language works best for you.

Ways to travel along the trail

When you think of a pilgrim journey, the most common way to travel is by foot, the calm passage that gives you time to reflect and find yourself. Find out more about other ways to travel along the St. Olavsleden trail, by bike, horse ridning and running.

Taking the train or bus

If you don’t want to walk the entire trail, only certain sections, it’s simple as local trains go along the trail almost all the way to Trondheim. You can simply take the train and get on or off at whichever station suits you along the trail. You can find more information at Norrtåg and you can book at SJ. In some places, it works better with the bus rather than train. Check with the local tourist information office, or see the Getting there and away section here.


Many parts of the trail go along normal roads, tarmac and gravel roads. This is good to know if you are unable to discover the trail by other means.

Five days easy hiking along the trail

August 25: Easy hiking along St. Olavsleden, a slightly easier hike towards Trondheim and Nidaros. Hiking with a slow pace and experiences for all your senses, where everything is taken care of for you. Find out more

Photo: Erika Willners

Four day musical hiking course along St.Olavsleden

July 21-26: Walking, singing, talking, resting and making music together in the footsteps of St Olav. Both for professionals and amateurs. Private lessons – feel and perform better with your body as your main instrument. We rehearse and perform together. Find out more

photo: Erika Willners

Hikes and packages with Nordic Pilgrim

You can combine different packages to create your own, unique pilgrimage. With or without guide, read the options here.

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Click on the map for more information

This is a digital, clickable and ‘zoomable’ map, including accommodation. Click on each icon and find out more what that accommodation offers. You can also download the map and a list of accomodations along the St.Olavsleden trail:


Pilgrim stories


“My pilgrimage along S:t Olavsleden restored my faith in humanity.”

| Hiking | No Comments

I am Hali Liddell, I work as a Cultural Assistant in S:t Staffan’s Parish in Staffanstorp, Sweden where I also lead pilgrim walks inspired by S:t Olavsleden and Camino de…

Angeliqa along St.Olavsleden

Meet Swedish blogger Angeliqa who walked the entire trail

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In the middle of August 2016 Angeliqa Mejstedt walked the entire St.Olavsleden trail. Her goal of the walk was to reach Nidaros Cathedral and discover what the trail has to offer along the…


“The distance makes me feel humble.”

| Hiking | 2 Comments

Marten from the Netherlands walked St. Olavsleden in the summer of 2016. We talked to him after finishing the route. About the highs, the lows, the people and the emotional impact.


“Looking back we can say that the route has changed us.”

| Hiking | 2 Comments

We are Monique and Wil Donkers, both working for years in psychiatry. We live in a small village of 1600 inhabitants between Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands….