St. Olavsleden – Follow St. Olav through historical forests and mountains

St. Olavsleden is the northernmost pilgrim trail in the world. The trail is approximately 580 kilometres long and extends from the Baltic Sea in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, from Selånger in Sweden to Trondheim in Norway. The trail goes through large forests, over mountains, along lakes and past historic sites. St. Olavsleden is the Scandinavian equivalent to the El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the famous pilgrim route to Spain.

When nature calls 

Here are some tips on how to respond when nature calls. Human waste should not go into the trash bag. If the crisis is close when you’re far from a toilet: Dig a small hole. Relieve yourself. Cover the hole with earth. Please bury your toilet paper as well or take it with you.

That way, we can all enjoy our travels along the trail.

Animations: Malin Almén,
Clips and sounds: Mats Öhr


Due to roadwork, Holmen bridge in Vuku is closed the whole summer. It opens in November 2018. Pilgrims have to walk the road via Steine between Sul and Vuku. We will put up signs as soon as possible at Garnes to prevent pilgrims from a long detour, but the signs are not there yet.
At Garnes, follow road 72 – Jamtlandsvegen – over the bridge, and then follow the road signs towards Stiklestad. Blue dots on the attached map shows the new route.

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St. Olavsledens Guidebook – In four languages!  Swedish, English, German and Dutch. The guide is available at the St. Olavsleden shop.

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Meet pilgrims from all over the world that share their St. Olavsleden experiences – with words, images and contemplations. Maybe you are next?


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5 hours ago

S:t Olavsleden

Next week the annual St. Olav play will be performed in Stiklestad. Here is an introduction of the actors!

Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter
TEATERBYGDA VERDAL! Se årets rolleliste for Spelet om Heilag Olav. Aldri før har så mange verdalinger hatt en hovedrolle i spelet! :-)
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1 day ago

S:t Olavsleden

In Borgsjö, returning hikers have told us it was difficult to find water between Borgsjö and Bräcke. Therefore, we at the tourist information in Ånge compiled a listing of places to fill water.
All running water in Sweden is ok to drink. Nevertheless we don’t take responsibility for the quality of the water with this listing:
- S: t Olofskällan just after Borgsjö church
- Half way between Tälje and Lombäcken there is a sign marking a source down to the left. About 50 meters from the trail.
- Just before Lombäcken, on the right hand, after crossing the main road there is a small well. It is marked with a small sign!
- At the bench (halting-place) in Lombäcken you can walk 200 m to Harrån and fill water from Harrån.
- There is a well about 1 km before crossing the E14, before the county border. Have attention to see the sign! There is also a roof there.
- After crossing the E14, before the parking lot, you can see the "Altarstone". Behind ”Altarstenen” flows a stream.
- At Lilla Harrsjön there is a small waterfall.
- After that it's not far to Lillkrog where there are houses.
- Between Lillkrog and Bräcke there is no water.

Stay hydrated and have a wonderful hike!
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2 days ago

S:t Olavsleden

Dutch hiking-blogger Wanda Wandelt had a taste of St. Olavsleden. Take a look at her lovely pictures!Dag 3 op de Olavsleden. Waar ik ook ervaar dat er sommige delen uit veel asfalt bestaan. Simpelweg omdat er geen andere mogelijkheden zijn of grondeigenaren niet mee willen werken. Maar er is gelukkig zoveel moois te zien! Schitterende watervallen en de ongerepte natuur op de etappe die ik liep. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

S:t Olavsleden

A beautiful picture by Fotograf Göran Strand to start the week with.

It will be another week with high temperatures. Try to stay cool, drink plenty of water and don't use open fire in the forest.Sensommarkväll i Jämtland med vy över Frösön och Oviksfjällen.

#Jämtland #Frösön #Oviksfjällen #Nikon #FocusNordic
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