St. Olavsleden – Follow St. Olav through historical forests and mountains

St. Olavsleden is the northernmost pilgrim trail in the world. The trail is approximately 580 kilometres long and extends from the Baltic Sea in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, from Selånger in Sweden to Trondheim in Norway. The trail goes through large forests, over mountains, along lakes and past historic sites. St. Olavsleden is the Scandinavian equivalent to the El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the famous pilgrim route to Spain.

When nature calls 

Here are some tips on how to respond when nature calls. Human waste should not go into the trash bag. If the crisis is close when you’re far from a toilet: Dig a small hole. Relieve yourself. Cover the hole with earth. Please bury your toilet paper as well or take it with you.

That way, we can all enjoy our travels along the trail.

Animations: Malin Almén,
Clips and sounds: Mats Öhr

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2 days ago

S:t Olavsleden

For those of you who think 580 km is not long enough: you can also start your pilgrimage in Finland!Well hello! Here is our brand new milestone. It stands infront of Turku Cathedral waiting for the opening tomorrow and the opening pilgrimage on Saturday 💛

1200 km to Nidarosdomen / Nidaros Cathedral and St. Olav’s shrine.

You can follow the opening live or as a recording:

and hear the vespers on YLE radio on Sunday at 13:03:
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3 days ago

S:t Olavsleden

Now open to public: Olav Haraldsson's first burial church in Trondheim. The ruins of the church were discovered by archaeologists in the fall of 2016.

You can see, among other things, the foundations of the church and the altar where Olav Haraldsson's coffin was placed in 1031.Nå er Klemenskirkeruinene i Trondheim åpen for alle!
Funnet av Olav Haraldssons første gravkirke er en av de viktigste arkeologiske oppdagelsene i Norge og har vakt nasjonal og internasjonal oppsikt.
Klemenskirken i Trondheim var Olav den helliges første hvilested. Ruinene etter kirken ble oppdaget av arkeologer høsten 2016.
Nå har ruinene fått et eget utstillingsrom i et nytt næringsbygg, som er tilgjengelig for alle. I utstillingslokalene kan man blant annet se grunnmurene til kirken og alteret der Olav Haraldssons kiste/skrin ble plassert da han ble helgenkåret i år 1031.
Kronprins Haakon åpnet i dag utstillingen av Klemenskirkeruinene i Krambugata 2 i Trondheim. Til stede var blant andre klima- og miljøminister Ola Elvestuen og riksantikvar Hanna Geiran.
(Foto: Siri Wolland, Riksantikvaren)
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4 days ago

S:t Olavsleden

Denise Jansen from the Netherlands has just returned from a hike through Norway, from Stiklestad to Trondheim. She experienced the last echos of winter and the first days of summer – all in just one week.

Here are some of her pictures. Thanks, Denise!
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5 days ago

S:t Olavsleden

The barn at Troset farm has a new window 😍 This room will be a wonderful place for some Qigong! Troset is a farm and pilgrim hostel between Stiklestad and Trondheim. Worth a visit 😊
#stolavsleden #troset #pilgrimattroset #qigong #pilgrimage #pilegrimsleden
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