Find yourself on the St. Olavsleden path to Nidaros.

From coast to coast across two Scandinavian countries. Start in Selånger, Sweden and your final destination is Trondheim, Norway.

Meet pilgrims from all over the world that share their St. Olavsleden experiences – with words, images and contemplations. Maybe you are next?


Discover the thousand year old history along the St. Olavsleden trail to Nidaros and find out more about King Olav Haraldsson.


New and improved, digital, clickable and ‘zoomable’ maps, including accommodation. Click on “ways to travel” and choose your way.



Hmmm... Could this be an option for pilgrims in winter? Without the loud rock music soundtrack, of course. ... See MoreSee Less

Why hike a trail when you can ice skate it?

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Great work being done in Selånger: now they have actually begun digging for the new pilgrim centre!
Want to follow the developments? Follow the centre on Facebook:
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Nu har det hänt! Vi har tagit det första spadtaget på äkta Selångervis. Nu börjar det faktiska och fysiska arbetet med vårt pilgrimscenter! Härlig invigning med gudstjänst i Selångers kyrka,...

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For our German-speaking followers: check out the short documentary Alexander Schmecker made from his many video blogs. It shows you exactly what to expect along St. Olavsleden! ... See MoreSee Less

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The church of Duved, photographed in September. You'll pass this church on your way from Åre to Tännforsen, Sweden. Incredible sight, isn't it? ... See MoreSee Less

Duveds kyrka, Tegeforsen, fotograferat från Holliday Club, Åre. September -14.

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