Discover St. Olavsleden trail this summer

From coast to coast across two Scandinavian countries. Start in Selånger, Sweden and reach your final destination Trondheim, Norway.

Do you want to experience St. Olavsleden trail – But may not want to plan everything on your own? We offer you a several arrangements like musical walks and hiking with focus on your body and soul. Why not get help planning and assembling your unique hiking with or without guide.


Meet pilgrims from all over the world that share their St. Olavsleden experiences – with words, images and contemplations. Maybe you are next?


New and improved, digital, clickable and ‘zoomable’ maps, including accommodation. Click on “ways to travel” and choose your way.


Guidebook in Swedish and English! St. Olavsleden – a pilgrims path in northern Scandinavia. The guide is available at the private St. Olavsleden shop.

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Guidebook in Dutch! St. Olavspad Zweden : van Selånger naar Trondheim : wandelgids bij de pelgrimsroute naar Nidaros. Get the guide at

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Jamtli offers an exciting journey through the history of Jämtland and Härjedalen. Show your Pilgrim passport and get 20% off on the entry fee at Jamtli.

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Magical skies near Åre, two nights ago. ... See MoreSee Less

Ikväll....igen :) (Kallsedet)

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The ruin of the Selånger church covered in snow. This is the spot where Olav came to shore, almost 1.000 years ago. ... See MoreSee Less

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The beautiful church of Brunflo, basking in the vårvinter (spring-winter) sun. ... See MoreSee Less

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